TechDay New York Interviews with Recruitment Startups

Recently I attended Tech Day New York, a one day event held at the Javits Center in New York City where over 300 tech startups had booths. As I roamed the aisles I found 9 recruiting technology related firms and asked them each to describe what they do and how they do it.

Jason Crowell on Recruiting Truck Drivers

Jason Crowell  leads the Brady Trucking People Process managing recruitment marketing, talent acquisition, engagement, and - employee retention. in 2018 he Led turnover reduction of 31% during explosive headcount growth of 40%. Jason is also responsible for Producing Brady’s online presence: newsletter, ads & social content using employee stories and employee generated content, and even 60 second EB videos.

Maury Hanigan Talks Recruitment Marketing

Excerpts from a recent RecTech LIVE webinar with Maury Hanigan, the CEO of SparcStart a recruitment video platform. Lean about her background, hear her thoughts on recruitment marketing and more.

Gerry Crispin on the Candidate Experience

If you ever been to a recruiting conference chances are you know the name Gerry Crispin. He is the principal and co founder of CareerXroads a community of talent acquisition professionals whose aim is to move the profession forward. Today we will discuss the state of the Candidate Experience.

Jim Stroud: Robots Will Not Replace Recruiters

Jim Stroud has been observing the changing landscape of work; most notably how automation is affecting the recruitment industry. A general consensus purports that robots will ultimately replace recruiters. Jim has an alternative view.  Today we’ll discuss that and more on RecTech!