Talking Gig Economy and the Liquid Workforce

Anil Dharni is the co-founder and CEO of Sense He founded the company to help fix temporary employment for the 42 percent of the U.S. workforce that are contingent workers. Sense helps staffing agencies create a better work experience for independent contractors. Learn about the platform and why he prefers the term ‘liquid workforce’ to the gig economy.

Catching up with VideoMyJob's Kristen Graham

VideoMyJob is an Australian based DIY video recruiting tool that has a partnership with Monster to help companies create more career focused video content. Using their app and other equipment employers can make their own job videos and share them them to attract talent. At the recent #SRSC show in Philadelphia I caught up with their co-founder Kristen Graham.

Josh Gampel, CEO of Recruitics on the Acquisition of KRT

At the recent Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Philly I caught up with Josh Gampel to get his take on the recent acquisitions happening in the programmatic job space along with Recruitics move to acquire KRT Marketing.

Candidate Experience Stories Panel Discussion

On July 30th I travelled to NYC to attend a special panel discussion hosted by ConveyIQ and RussellTobin. They put out a great spread of drinks and apps and of course a lively discussion about the candidate experience with 4 practitioners from area companies. Tune in to hear some real world stories from the world of HR tech.

What's Wrong with Mobile Apply (and how to fix it)

While employer career pages may be mobile ‘responsive’, their Apply Experience still leaves much to be desired. If you consider that nearly half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, you can see it represents a huge problem for employers when it comes to converting job seekers into applicants.