Audra Knight Discusses Recruitment Marketing

Welcome to RecTech, the recruiting technology show...where we talk about interesting new technologies related to recruiting and HR as well as asking recruiters how they use it to recruit and manage their talent. Today’s show is a recruiter edition. My name is Chris Russell, they call me the mad scientist of online recruiting, and I spend my day helping HR tech vendors on marketing, strategy and product development at RecTechMedia.com. I love helping connect candidates with employers through technology and that’s what this show is all about.

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Audra Knight is the Manager of Recruitment Operations at the global cybersecurity company Tenable. In this role, her team creates and supports Tenable’s talent acquisition strategy including process improvement and employment brand management. She is passionate about using marketing best practices and technology to attract talent that will excel at Tenable. Her side gigs include The #SocialRecruiting Show, industry blogging, team #HROS and being in a rock band. 


1 Day to day at Tenable.

2. How many employees? How may applications do you receive monthly?

3. Main hiring needs?

4. What has been your recruiting team’s biggest win so far this year? 

5. Where do you see recruitment marketing going? Content? What kinds...

6. Types of recruiting technology tools you use...

7. The Clinch apply process...is it working? View Tenable jobs

8. You got your job through twitter...tell us how?

9. Why do recruiters need to be better at personal marketing?

10. How do you suggest they start?

11. When it comes to vendors pitching you...what are they doing wrong? How should they approach people like you?

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Nurturing Candidates through Content


My guest today is Adam Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Candidate.ID, the world's first talent pipeline platform. Previously he started the research and sourcing company Social Media Search, through a joint-venture with Norman Broadbent plc before undertaking a management buy-out in December 2016 and merging with Candidate.ID.

Adam has also worked in the Human Resource Services practice at PwC and in recruitment marketing with HAVAS. He works in London and in Glasgow, Scotland, where the Candidate.ID team is based.

I got the chance to meet Adam at last month’s Transatlantic event hosted by Talent Tech Labs in New York and invited him on the show to talk about their unique take on pipelining candidates with content.


1. Tell the listeners what Candidate ID is….what is a talent pipeline platform?

2. How has recruitment marketing changed?

3. The origins of the nurturing the candidate with specific content?

4. (4) stages of candidate decisions...explain...what content goes with what stage?

4a. How do you create that content? Any tips?

5. Who are some of your customers and what have they learned so far using your platform?

6. When did the company start and how big is your team?

7. Cost to use the platform?

8. What have you learned so far about how to market your product to employers...any tips you can share with other vendors in our space?

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Rec Tech Insider for March 2017

Here's what's happened in the past 30 days.


  • SmartRecruiters acquires Jobspotting from Germany. Read the press release.
  • WayUp, an NYC based college recruiting startup has acquired Looksharp, a competitor and team of five. Read the story.


  • Climber.com launches personal career site service. The company’s California based career team works with clients to build the career site, so there is absolutely no programming experience needed. Detail here.
  • ScoutSavvy, a local startup that is trying to help more people of diverse backgrounds find employment with tech companies in the region. Read story.
  • Apply for jobs in 30 seconds without a CV? This Swedish startup helps you nail your dream job quicker. Read story.
  • Noirefy, a Job Referral Platform, Aims to Fight Bias in Recruiting and Hiring. Link


  • Interview with Indeed's head of tech. By any estimates, we’re looking at about a million jobs in tech — engineering, software development, design, management — that will added in the next two to five years. Read story.
  • Uber employees are chatting with each other about Uber’s leadership on anonymous workplace app Blind. Read story.
  • Ladders, Inc. Announces Integration with Greenhouse Software. Integration features will allow recruiters to find and source the best candidates. Press release.


  • WorkHound, a software platform developed to help carriers reduce driver turnover, recently finished a $500,000 fundraising round to grow their business and help trucking companies around the country accelerate profitability by retaining their drivers. Press release.
  • YouEarnedIt steps in. The Austin-based software as a service company encourages worker engagement through real-time digital point rewards for employee behavior that helps generate revenue or reach other workplace goals. Those digital points can then be cashed in for rewards. Now the company, founded in 2013, has closed a $6.5 million Series A funding round to ramp up product development, sales and marketing. Read story.
  • WorkJam raises $12 million to communicate with hourly workers. Via Techcrunch.
  • Talentoday  a talent assessment and people analytics solution, has raised $3.49 million in Series A funding mainly from The Adecco Group, the world’s leading workforce solutions provider. Press release.
  • Comparably has raised additional capital needed to support the growth of its job placement service. The company revealed that it has received $7.25 million from a slew of participants, including Greycroft Partners (which led the round), Comcast Ventures, and several others. With the latest infusion of money, Comparably said it plans to further develop tools to help monitor the job market while bringing more companies on board. Read story.

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What I learned at HIRE Conf

Last week in New York City at a rooftop lounge overlooking the Empire State building I had the opportunity to attend the newest entry to the recruiting and HR conference circuit. It was called HIRE Conf put on by Jeremy Roberts and his Hiring Solved compatriots. 200 or so attendees braved the cold rain of the city for the one day event.

I love one day events like this. They tend to be smaller, more intimate and better for networking. Plus it was great that they chose to come to New York where few conference organizers dare to try for fear of costs. It was nice not to have to fly in to attend for once.

The tracks presented were interesting and full of data and some very practical advice. Glen Cathey kicked it off talking about machine learning, A.I. at the intersection of recruiting. His slides had some great quotes about the future of recruiting and you can see some of them in the above slideshow of pics I took. I also enjoyed Todd Davis and his Facebook sourcing tips and tools show. 


  • Cathey thinks in the future recruiters will do more "discovery" of candidates as the technology gets better surfacing related candidates to the skill set you need to find them for.
  • Future technology will help guide recruiters to candidates they want.
  • VolkScience.com can help you build custom email message templates to candidates.(currently in beta)
  • Future recruiters will need to know how to leverage much more technology to be sucessful.
  • The #1 job skill in 2020 will be "empathy". Something machines don't have.
  • Check out Stanley Bot for Facebook Messenger.  A Facebook messenger bot that takes care of things like answering recruitment related inquiries, processing job applications, interviewing potential candidates to creating a shareable audio profile for candidates you’d want to review and share.
  • Looking for a good Chrome extension to help you search Facebook profiles? Click here.
  • Don't try and keyword search facebook profiles on your own, use the 3rd party tools like Net Bootcamp.
  • Stat of the day: Men apply to jobs if they think they meet 60% of the requirements while women only apply to jobs where they meet ALL the requirements.
  • Quote of the day: “One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

And though I didn't get to stay for the night life it was good to reconnect with the usual suspects.

Looks like the west coast is next, Jeremy says they are headed to San Francisco in the fall.


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Rec Tech Media Launches HR Tech Job Board

Rec Tech Media is pleased to announce the launch of HR Tech Talent the first online job market dedicated to the HR technology industry. The site is intended to be a job posting resource for both vendors and HR departments who need to hire in this ever changing industry.

The site is located at http://www.hrtechtalent.com/

The site features free job listings as well as additional upgrades. XML scraping is available for a small yearly fee. Candidates can upload a resume or create a free public profile and tag themselves with skills & keywords. If you are in HR tech and looking for your next gig or just want to promote yourself, you now have a place to call home. See profiles.

All jobs will also be auto-distributed to the sites Facebook group, Twitter account and Linkedin page with the #HRtechJobs. Those links are below:

The site will also blog about industry hiring announcements. If your firm would like to contribute to its blog with people news or a post about working for your company, write it up and send it to us for some free exposure. At the very least you can create a free company profile with logo and link back to your site.

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