Podcast: Tim Sackett Has a 'Pastor to Recruiting' Pipeline

Tim Sackett is well known to the recruiting industry, in fact some might call him HR Famous….He is the President of the Michigan based staffing firm HRU Technical Resources, he blogs 5 days a week at timsackett.com and he just wrote a book too (The Talent Fix) so we’ll chat about that and much more on today’s show. 

Lisa Holden Discusses Entelo's Unbiased Sourcing Mode

Entelo, the leader in recruiting automation, recently announced a new feature called  Unbiased Sourcing Mode, allowing companies to anonymize and hide information recruiters or hiring managers don’t want to see in an effort to eliminate unconscious bias based on irrelevant factors. Lisa Holden is their Director of Communications and joins the podcast to talk about diversity hiring and also a bit about her role at Entelo.

Employer Branding Tools - The List

The world of employer branding is becoming an increasingly important part in the war for talent. Over the past few years many tools and services have emerged for this part of talent attraction. From video tools to review sites, maintaining and improving your company's reputation is easier with the players listed below.

Podcast with Michael Hurwitz, President of CareersInGovernment.com

As the head of CareersinGoverment.com, Michael Hurwitz is skilled in Digital Strategy, Advertising Sales, and Integrated Marketing. Along With strong business development skills he holds a degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Iowa. Today he is the President and Co-Founder of a niche job site for the public sector. Today we’ll talk about his niche job site business.