New Employer Branding Tool - Introducing 'JobStories'

We think a lot about how employers can attract more talent in a tight job market. It’s on our minds constantly as we help clients navigate this tough hiring environment. To that end we are proud to introduce JobStories.com, webinars for jobs.

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Flexible Work Arrangements Lead to Better Performance Says New Research

Flexible work schedules are an easy, free way to boost your recruitment efforts. New research from staffing firm The Creative Group, provides the data. They say working longer hours fewer days a week could be good for business. Half of advertising and marketing hiring decision makers (50 percent) surveyed feel productivity would increase if their company instituted a compressed schedule, where employees work four 10-hour days.

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Rec Tech Media Launches HR Tech Job Board

Rec Tech Media is pleased to announce the launch of HR Tech Talent the first online job market dedicated to the HR technology industry. The site is intended to be a job posting resource for both vendors and HR departments who need to hire in this ever changing industry.

The site is located at http://www.hrtechtalent.com/

The site features free job listings as well as additional upgrades. XML scraping is available for a small yearly fee. Candidates can upload a resume or create a free public profile and tag themselves with skills & keywords. If you are in HR tech and looking for your next gig or just want to promote yourself, you now have a place to call home. See profiles.

All jobs will also be auto-distributed to the sites Facebook group, Twitter account and Linkedin page with the #HRtechJobs. Those links are below:

The site will also blog about industry hiring announcements. If your firm would like to contribute to its blog with people news or a post about working for your company, write it up and send it to us for some free exposure. At the very least you can create a free company profile with logo and link back to your site.

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Every HR Tech Vendor Needs an Explainer Video

We just helped the team at Pomato launch their new explainer video. It's a 90 second clip that boils down their product in a visual storytelling format to help their product stand out.

As a vendor in the HR tech space an explainer video is a must have in our opinion. 

It provides the appearance of legitimacy that will help with how HR sees you. You are showing potential clients that you’ve invested time in explaining your company, which translates into customers assuming that you’ve invested time in creating your product as well.

It makes you STAND OUT in a crowded HR tech marketplace. It doesn't even have to be expensive.

We can make a 90 second explainer video (with voiceover) for your business for under $700. We'll help you craft the script and get it online in just a few weeks. Contact us to get started.

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Let me introduce your product to 10,000 Recruiters

Part of what I do as a consultant in the online recruiting industry is to raise awareness of my clients among recruiters and employers. Over the years I have amassed a strong network of followers who like what I share and write. I’ve also built several email lists and groups of recruiters that I can quickly get your name in front of. Think of me as your brand evangelist. I help both job boards and other types of recruiting tech companies who want to target recruiters and employers.

So I’m now offering a simple, affordable public relations product to do just that.

It’s called “PR Boost“.

Using my various channels and lists I will personally introduce your site/service to a minimum of 10,000 recruiters and HR professionals.

Your PR Boost starts with a custom written article which I’ll be publishing on my LinkedIn Pulse account. Like this this one I wrote for TaxJobs.


From there I will share it across various groups on Facebook and LI that target recruiters. Then I’ll email it to a variety of opt-in email lists which I’ve been curating for many years online.

All of this happens over the course of two weeks to maximize exposure and raise awareness of your brand.

Benefits of a service like this include;

  • SEO boost: I will end up getting you several back links from related websites that will help increase your Google ranking.
  • Traffic: My PR efforts will result in more quality, employer traffic coming to your landing page or site.
  • Branding/Awareness: Introducing your name to a large group of recruiters/employers will help establish you in the marketplace. This is particularly useful for new vendors who are not well known yet.

So if you are ready to get started just contact me.

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