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Podcast: The Recruitment Queen Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz runs the local recruitment site RecruitmentQueen.com. Last week I spoke at her annual HR Summit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After the show I sat down with her and asked her about her business, her background and her strategy for helping employers hire.

RQ provides a full suite of recruiting services which every kind of job board should have. She goes way beyond job postings.

For Sale: Successful Niche Job Board in Financial Sector

I’ve been asked to help broker the sale of TreasuryJobs.com, the only niche job board that serves that sector of the financial job market in the United States. The site launched in 2014 and has significant double digit sales with a strong history of growth since its inception. The site is hosted on theForceFinder job board software platform.

This is a RARE opportunity to not only get into the online recruiting space, but to buy a business with few direct competitors. It offers excellent expansion possibilities and comes with everything you need to run the business. The founders have done the hard work of building the foundation, all you have to do is take the baton, and keep running.

Some notable aspects of this sale include the following;

  • You get additional country domains such as treasuryjobs.ca, treasuryjobs.co.uk, .br, and .in to aid a global expansion.
  • You get a site that holds the #1 spot on all major search engines for the term treasury jobs.
  • You get to work with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

So if this opportunity excites you please call 203-572-2053 or contact me to learn more. I can break down some additional details and get you started.

Good timing for a TaxJobs Launch

Niche job boards do it better. They offer employers access to targeted groups of candidates in any niche you can imagine. Today, there are job boards for every niche market and in many cases multiple boards for each vertical market. As someone who keeps close tabs on the job board industry, I would like to introduce you to the newest entrant in the niche job space; TaxJobs.com.

TaxJobs represents the fourth business in an existing Family of Tax Brands all founded by tax recruiting and retention veteran Tony Santiago. TaxSearch was the first company Santiago started in the tax field back in 1987. Beyond TaxSearch that specializes in retained search assignments, there is TaxTalent which serves as a free career and leadership development community for tax professionals and Tax Bridge Staffing which supplies top tax consultants on demand.

The team at TaxJobs knows the market so well that they want to empower their clients to attract the best talent in a scarce market. As talent demand in tax continues to outweigh the supply, Santiago stresses two critical aspects of hiring on your own:

  • The candidate experience inside the job posting must be written to entice the passive tax professional.

  • The pre-interview process needs to be geared towards the tax professional having easier access to information about open positions.

The TaxJobs model goes above and beyond the standard job board by working directly with the employer to create candidate-driven ads. When ads are posted that are not written effectively, TaxJobs notifies the employer and offers a free guide that lays out a step-by-step process to writing jobs ads that attract more qualified candidates. The guide also provides detailed insight on how to enhance the pre-qualification process where candidates can have their questions answered confidentially about the position before they need to apply.

“We have created a valuable incentive for employers that take our advice on writing more effective job ads and providing a knowledgeable contact for inbound candidate inquiries,” says Santiago. “When employer ads meet our standards, we recognize the ad with a special quality job icon which lets candidates know the ad is more relevant. Additionally, our system takes these quality ads and places them higher in search results,” Santiago explains.   

“TaxJobs is unlike any other medium for capturing more qualified tax professionals,” says Santiago. “We know active tax candidates make up the minority of the tax population so we have developed TaxJobs as the leading DIY solution that attracts and engages both the active and the more highly valued, passive tax audience.”

TaxJobs offers a mix of personal service combined with custom-designed technology specifically geared to help tax professionals find positions that meet their needs and wants. For example, TaxJobs offers a powerful Job Agent tool that alerts candidates when opportunities arise within very specific criteria, from tax specialties and functions to specific companies that have open tax positions. In a high demand, low supply market like tax, the Job Agent is a game-changing tool for the hard-to-reach, passive candidates who do not want to get inundated with irrelevant career opportunities in tax. 

The TaxJobs audience includes the full spectrum of corporate tax professionals from tax interns to senior tax executives. TaxJobs is especially helpful for mid-management to staff level positions, which are currently in the highest demand out of all the tax positions. Unlike many other professions, tax work is difficult to outsource to foreign talent due to the complexity of the U.S. tax code.

There are two things that I find unique about TaxJobs that most job boards don’t typically offer. First, they feature an index of tax jobs that tracks hiring activity on a national, regional or local level. Users can search by zip code among a variety of different tax job titles. Secondly, their Tax Hiring Campaign service offers employers the chance to have their job ad written for them by experts at TaxJobs.

The reason for this, adds Santiago, is that most HR professionals who typically have to promote a corporate tax role, don’t necessarily have the skills to describe it with the candidate in mind. The team at TaxJobs are experts at helping firms attract the right candidate. Furthermore, employers also receive guidance and counseling on aiding their interview process for the candidates.  Part of the Tax Hiring Campaign is leveraging TaxTalent’s proprietary database of over 100,000 qualified tax professionals to make sure that the employer’s job ad is marketed to the precise target audience that they are looking for within subsets of the tax function

The main price point for TaxJobs is a 60 day job posting for $495. That ad comes with a no-risk offer for direct employers.  The team at TaxJobs impressed upon me that they focus on quality applicants not quantity. That’s something every recruiter wants to hear!

Aside from leveraging TaxTalent’s proprietary database, TaxJobs also syndicates their job ads to tax associations, social media and within its own private job agent system. The Job Agent reaches thousands of tax professionals that opt-in for private notifications about open tax opportunities.

TaxJobs is live and open for business at http://www.taxjobs.com/. The site serves both direct employers and third party recruiters as well as job ad agencies that cover the tax market.