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Recruiting Sites for Women

The power and influence of women in business is finally getting it’s due with an increased focus on equal pay and more companies looking to diversify their workforces. Lately, a number of job site communities have been launched to help employers target and recruit more women to their companies. Hear the full list of sites in this short 10 minute audio clip.

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Interview with Brad Kielinski, Tech Recruiter

Brad Kielinski is the founder of IT Pros Philly….which provides access to proven technology talent in the Philadelphia region and beyond. He’s also someone I follow on Twitter for great recruiting tweets and its a pleasure to have him on the show. In this episode we'll talk about the technology he uses to hire and store candidates as well as commentary from his tweet stream.

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Garmin's HR Manager Talks to RecTech

I met today’s guest while attending the Phenom People user conference in Philadelphia recently. Jennifer Pozzuolo runs HR for Kansas based Garmin International. You probably know Garmin as the company that produces activity trackers and sports watches, and GPS devices.

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State of Recruiting Automation, Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo

Employers are shifting away from traditional hiring methods and this year. 75% say technology will play a larger role in their companies hiring process in 2019, and 22% percent plan to increase their spend on AI-powered recruiting software. These findings come from the 2019 Entelo Recruiting Automation Trends Report which surveyed 625 talent acquisition professionals from around the world to identify the trends and innovations driving the recruiting and hiring industry forward.

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Recruiting Thoughts for 2019

Welcome to the first episode of RecTech for 2019, todays show is just a solo episode to kick off the year and get you ready for what lies ahead. It is the first Monday in January and so I am proud to announce that the 2019 recruiting season is officially open for business!

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