explainer video

HarQen's new explainer video

We just helped the team at HarQen relaunch their new explainer video. Their old one was becoming outdated and they contacted us for a new look. Now the phone & video interviewing platform has a sharp new look.

Want one of your own? For less than $1,000 we can get you a great looking whiteboard explainer video. Contact us today or call Chris Russell at 203-572-2053.

Every HR Tech Vendor Needs an Explainer Video

We just helped the team at Pomato launch their new explainer video. It's a 90 second clip that boils down their product in a visual storytelling format to help their product stand out.

As a vendor in the HR tech space an explainer video is a must have in our opinion. 

It provides the appearance of legitimacy that will help with how HR sees you. You are showing potential clients that you’ve invested time in explaining your company, which translates into customers assuming that you’ve invested time in creating your product as well.

It makes you STAND OUT in a crowded HR tech marketplace. It doesn't even have to be expensive.

We can make a 90 second explainer video (with voiceover) for your business for under $700. We'll help you craft the script and get it online in just a few weeks. Contact us to get started.