New Employer Branding Tool - Introducing 'JobStories'

At RecTech Media we think a lot about how employers can attract more talent in a tight job market. It’s on our minds constantly as we help clients navigate this tough hiring environment. To that end we are proud to introduce JobStories.com, webinars for jobs.

The service has been in quiet beta while we get the first few events off the ground and fine tune it. jobStories are virtual video events where employers provide 2-3 employees to be interviewed by our host. The event is broadcast live and companies receive a copy of the video at the end.

In each webinar we’ll ask questions about your jobs, perks, culture, FAQs about working there, tips for applying, and more…

Even though JobStories is new it’s already working. Our webinar with Convergent Outsourcing led to hundreds of video views and over a dozen applicants immediately following the event.

Here’s a look at the first “jobinar” we did with California based Aparavi Software.

JobStories are a way to tell your hiring story through a video webinar hosted by a third party. Today, most employers simply interview themselves but allowing an outsider to ask questions about your jobs and culture adds another layer of credibility to the video.

In addition to that doing a JobStories webinar will lead to candidate lead gen. Each employer receives a list of the attendees name and email so they can follow up later.

The video itself will be archived on Jobstories.com, Facebook, Youtube and optimized for search purposes. You’ll also get a copy to re-use on your own.

When it comes to boosting your employer brand today employers MUST think of themselves as their own ‘career newsrooms’ and create content for awareness and attraction.

JobStories is the perfect solution to this problem. It’s both affordable and easy. Visit JobStories.com to learn more and request a demo.