event coverage

David vs Goliath Recruiting

Special bonus coverage from May’s Unleash event in Las Vegas. Hear a panel of execs from Itsy, Netflix and Sodexo discuss what its like to recruit against large and small competitors. Recorded live on scene.

Catching up with VideoMyJob's Kristen Graham

VideoMyJob is an Australian based DIY video recruiting tool that has a partnership with Monster to help companies create more career focused video content. Using their app and other equipment employers can make their own job videos and share them them to attract talent. At the recent #SRSC show in Philadelphia I caught up with their co-founder Kristen Graham.

An Authentic Discussion on Employer Brand

I attended the Greenhouse user conference in NYC last week and was able to record a few sessions. Today you will hear my favorite session from that event a conversation about employer branding between the Claude SIlver from Vayner Media and Maria Katsis CEO of BuiltIn the recruiting site. Its a frank discussion about being transparent and authentic and one of the better talks on EB i have witnessed...also at the end of the talk there was time for one audience question so be sure to listen to the end to hear what he has to ask.

Donna Kimmel - Chief People Officer, Citrix

At the recent CITRIX Synergy Conference in Atlanta I sat down with their Chief People Officer, Donna Kimmel. We spoke about the company’s new shift into the employee experience and a range of other topics from employer brand to the remote workforce.

Unleash Interviews, Part 2 with AllyO, Click Boarding, SplashBI and Pocket Recruiter

At the recent Unleash Las Vegas conference I travelled the expo hall conducting interviews with some cool Recruiting Technology vendors. In part of my interviews you will hear from execs at AllyO, Click Boarding, PocketRecruiter and SplashBI.