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On July 30th I travelled to NYC to attend a special panel discussion hosted by ConveyIQ and RussellTobin. They put out a great spread of drinks and apps and of course a lively discussion about the candidate experience with 4 practitioners from area companies. Tune in to hear some real world stories from the world of HR tech.

What I learned at HIRE Conf

Last week in New York City at a rooftop lounge overlooking the Empire State building I had the opportunity to attend the newest entry to the recruiting and HR conference circuit. It was called HIRE Conf put on by Jeremy Roberts and his Hiring Solved compatriots. 200 or so attendees braved the cold rain of the city for the one day event.

I love one day events like this. They tend to be smaller, more intimate and better for networking. Plus it was great that they chose to come to New York where few conference organizers dare to try for fear of costs. It was nice not to have to fly in to attend for once.

The tracks presented were interesting and full of data and some very practical advice. Glen Cathey kicked it off talking about machine learning, A.I. at the intersection of recruiting. His slides had some great quotes about the future of recruiting and you can see some of them in the above slideshow of pics I took. I also enjoyed Todd Davis and his Facebook sourcing tips and tools show. 


  • Cathey thinks in the future recruiters will do more "discovery" of candidates as the technology gets better surfacing related candidates to the skill set you need to find them for.
  • Future technology will help guide recruiters to candidates they want.
  • VolkScience.com can help you build custom email message templates to candidates.(currently in beta)
  • Future recruiters will need to know how to leverage much more technology to be sucessful.
  • The #1 job skill in 2020 will be "empathy". Something machines don't have.
  • Check out Stanley Bot for Facebook Messenger.  A Facebook messenger bot that takes care of things like answering recruitment related inquiries, processing job applications, interviewing potential candidates to creating a shareable audio profile for candidates you’d want to review and share.
  • Looking for a good Chrome extension to help you search Facebook profiles? Click here.
  • Don't try and keyword search facebook profiles on your own, use the 3rd party tools like Net Bootcamp.
  • Stat of the day: Men apply to jobs if they think they meet 60% of the requirements while women only apply to jobs where they meet ALL the requirements.
  • Quote of the day: “One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

And though I didn't get to stay for the night life it was good to reconnect with the usual suspects.

Looks like the west coast is next, Jeremy says they are headed to San Francisco in the fall.


Preview HireCONF NYC with Jeremy Roberts

In the latest edition of RecTech we'll chat with Jeremy Roberts from Hiring Solved which is hosting a one day recruiting event on February 7th in New York City. Use "RecTech" at checkout for 20% off tickets. Register here.

Listen in to hear his thoughts on moving from working with a news site to an HR tech vendor. He'll also tell you what to expect for the conference and gives some interesting insights for HR tech marketers.

Jeremy Roberts, Hiring Solved

Jeremy Roberts, Hiring Solved

The RecTech Podcast is sponsored by Beyond's Text2Hire Campaign Service. Click the logo for 10% off your first campaign.

The RecTech Podcast is sponsored by Beyond's Text2Hire Campaign Service. Click the logo for 10% off your first campaign.

How I Recruit - Laura Frances Merin

In this episode of RecTech: How I Recruit - Laura Frances Merin is a talent acquisition and people operations professional specializing in high-growth startups. She launched her recruitment career with Robert Half and recently served as the Head of Talent for Cue Connect, and these days serves as a People Operations and Recruitment consultant for startups in New York City and Boston.

Laura is passionate about identifying, developing, and coaching sparks of talent, and loves nothing more than helping people map out their next career steps.

Favorite Recruiting Tools

StackOverflow, Greenhouse (ATS), Angelist, Indeed resumes.


"I fell into recruitment...I used to do 100 calls a day, that is something that sticks with you...being really comfortable with the sound of your voice, and asking people for things and pivoting on the fly you're gonna get a lot better a lot faster than you think."

Show Topics

  • Typical day like recruiting for startups in New York city?

  • Biggest challenge about recruiting for startups?

  • How do you keep up with technology in order to recruit for it?

  • What’s your pitch when you first contact a candidate?

  • Let’s talk tech...favorite ATS over the years/worst ATS over the years?

  • What other tools are part of your day to day recruiting?

  • Describe a typical InMail...subject line, what do you say?

  • How much cold calling do you do?

  • Your last 3 placements...where did you find them online?

  • Of all the people you have placed over the years which one was the most satisfying and why?

  • Advice for new recruiters?

Special thanks to show sponsor Jobs2Careers!