Laura Frances Merin

How I Recruit - Laura Frances Merin

In this episode of RecTech: How I Recruit - Laura Frances Merin is a talent acquisition and people operations professional specializing in high-growth startups. She launched her recruitment career with Robert Half and recently served as the Head of Talent for Cue Connect, and these days serves as a People Operations and Recruitment consultant for startups in New York City and Boston.

Laura is passionate about identifying, developing, and coaching sparks of talent, and loves nothing more than helping people map out their next career steps.

Favorite Recruiting Tools

StackOverflow, Greenhouse (ATS), Angelist, Indeed resumes.


"I fell into recruitment...I used to do 100 calls a day, that is something that sticks with you...being really comfortable with the sound of your voice, and asking people for things and pivoting on the fly you're gonna get a lot better a lot faster than you think."

Show Topics

  • Typical day like recruiting for startups in New York city?

  • Biggest challenge about recruiting for startups?

  • How do you keep up with technology in order to recruit for it?

  • What’s your pitch when you first contact a candidate?

  • Let’s talk tech...favorite ATS over the years/worst ATS over the years?

  • What other tools are part of your day to day recruiting?

  • Describe a typical InMail...subject line, what do you say?

  • How much cold calling do you do?

  • Your last 3 placements...where did you find them online?

  • Of all the people you have placed over the years which one was the most satisfying and why?

  • Advice for new recruiters?

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