social recruiting

Has Social Media Failed Recruiting?

Today we are going to talk about social recruiting with a couple of peeps from WorkScene a new social media platform for employers. Joining Chris on this podcast are Mike Webb CEO and Cyndy Trivella, Vice President, Strategic Relations

Why More Companies Need A Social Recruiting Manager

With social becoming increasingly more important for employer branding, sourcing and applicant traffic I think it’s time for larger companies to hire someone specifically to manage the big channels such as Instagram, Facebook Twitter and yes even Snapchat. There is so much you can do on these channels that this should really be a full time recruiting position. We’ll talk with Lindsay Parks a TA Social Media Specialist about why its time your firm hire one too.

FirmPlay Wants to be your Employer Branding Tool of Choice

No one teaches HR people how to harness and craft their company's employer brand. Until now few tools have existed to help them spread their employer brand effectively. Enter FirmPlay, a new startup out of Boston.