FirmPlay Wants to be your Employer Branding Tool of Choice

No one teaches HR people how to harness and craft their company's employer brand. Until now few tools have existed to help them spread their employer brand effectively. Enter FirmPlay, a new startup out of Boston.

In this 30 minute RecTech podcast I'll be chatting with founders Vasilios Alexiou and Jason Rivas.

"FirmPlay's software makes it easy for talent acquisition professionals to build an authentic employer brand that attracts top talent. Crowdsource the employee experience, by turning their stories into powerful branding content. Then promote your brand by embedding content on your careers page, sharing to social, and amplifying its reach with employee brand ambassadors. The result: easily tell your company’s unique story, engage employees in the process...and above all, attract and retain top talent."

Side note: I am now an advisor to FirmPlay and in the interest of transparency I need to mention that in this post...FirmPlay is an exciting product that I'm excited to share with my followers.