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Podcast: 5 Automated Interview Scheduling Tools

Looking to speed up your interview process? Add an automated scheduling tool to the mix. Not only will you free up recruiters time but candidates will love you for it as well. In today’s episode Chris Russell will discuss the top tools on the market.

Matt Anderson, Healthcare Recruiter at Versique

Matt Anderson is a healthcare executive recruiter from Minneapolis based Versique where he sources and recruits leaders from management to C-suite levels. His Clients include independent and rural health critical access hospitals, large care delivery systems and physician owned specialty groups. In this episode we’ll chat about how he recruits int he challenging healthcare field.

Derek Murphy-Johnson, Talent Acquisition Manager from Kindercare Education

Derek Murphy Johnson popped up in my LinkedIn feed the other day I figured he might make a good guest. Little did i know he is also a frequent listener of the RecTech podcast. By day he is the Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager for Portland Oregon based Kinder care education and he is also a board member of the newly formed Talent Brand Alliance.

How She Recruits - Claire Petrie of Remedy Intelligent Staffing

Claire Petrie is the Talent Acquisition Manager in the Buffalo, NY office for one of the largest specialty staffing firms in North America, Remedy Intelligent Staffing. She has built over six years of diverse HR management experience with privately-owned and publicly-traded global companies that provide hospitality and food service management, medical devices development, and non-dairy frozen food production.

Duarte Mendonca Bleeds Talent Acquisition

If you go to Duarte Mendonca's Linkedin profile it will say something that you don't see on most recruiting bios...“Cut me, I will bleed Talent Acquisition”. When I read that along with the rest of his profile I knew he should be on the podcast. In today's show we'll cover his HR tech stack and hear how he and his small team of recruiters fill their reqs.