Recruitment Marketing

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Dissecting a Job Description: Product Manager, Member Engagement

The role of a job posting online should be to sell the opportunity and convince the candidate to apply. With that in mind, Chris Russell reads a solid job description he found online by the company Meetup for a Product Manager. Listen as he breaks down the words and explains why it's good.

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Indeed's own job descriptions offer glimpse into keyword strategy

I was cruising some listings on Indeed.com the other day when I came upon their own sales jobs and decided to take a peek at how they craft them. A section at the bottom caught my eye. 

NOTE: I searched for I searched for sales job in Stamford, CT. The title of the sponsored job I clicked is "Inside Sales Executive - Online Advertising".

These 'alternative job titles' are not what you see in most job listings. I can only deduce they have a keyword purpose. They are there to help job seekers find these jobs when they type in an alternate form of the job in the search box. 

It's a smart idea. These extra job titles are essentially keywords in disguise. But they also educate the job seeker that they should be searching for alternatives job titles since many of them will have variations.

My takeaway for employers is do more research around your job titles. They are arguably the most important part of your job listing. Use the Indeed trends tool to conduct keyword research around your job. Compare things like sales vs account executive. And pay attention to your Indeed monthly advertising report which also details how job seekers are finding your own jobs.

Job titles, just like content, are king.