Phenom People Cofounder, Brad Goldoor Talks to RecTech


As the Chief People Officer at Pennsylvania based Phenom People Brad Goldoor manages the Talent Acquisition team and Talent Development functions including Interviewing, onboarding and Employee Engagement. Before that he spent several years as their VP of business development….Phenom has recently secured $22 million in Series B funding from investors such as AXA Venture Partners.


  • Transition to Talent Acquisition from Biz Dev

  • How are you approaching recruiting for Phenom?

  • Size of TA team?

  • What did you learn from working in biz dev that serves you well in recruiting?

  • Beside your own software what tools do you have in house for sourcing or other parts of the recruiting process?

  • Explain Talent Relationship Management.(TRM) Is that a way to differentiate your platform from competitors which call themselves a CRM?

  • Recruiting is marketing, how does the Phenom platform help employers become better marketers of their jobs? 

  • Price point?

  • Examples of career sites you power.

  • Thoughts about Onboarding and employee experience

  • Lots of HR tech startups...any advice?

  • Are you hiring? Give us some highlights and where to apply?

  • https://careers.phenompeople.com/us/en

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RecTech is sponsored by Hiretual

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