Shannon Pritchett: What I Learned at Sourcecon


Shannon Pritchett is the editor of SourceCon. As a lifelong student in the recruitment industry, Shannon is passionate about improving it. She has a diverse background in training, sourcing, full desk recruiting, coaching, and journalism.

Shannon got her start in the recruitment industry at Vanderbilt University and later worked as a Senior Recruiter for Internal Data Resources and Community Health Systems, Social Media Recruitment Ambassador for T-Mobile USA, Director of Recruiting for Moxy, Trainer with AIRS, and last as a Manager of Global Sourcing and Training for ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO.


-What sourcing tools are recruiters talking about these days?

-Glen Cathey talked about “The Human Element of Sourcing Candidates.” ….so easy to find a person these days...the trick is how to engage them.

-Is boolean dead with advent of all these new tools?

-Tell us a sourcing story about how you or someone you know got creative in finding someone that you eventually hired?

-How should vendors approach recruiters about pitching their products?

-What advice would you give a new grad today who wants to go into recruiting?

-Sourcecon Budapest….what’s in store?

-Is there a promo code for Sourcecon Budapest you want to give out? SCFAMILIA

This episode of RecTech is sponsored by Hiretual.

This episode of RecTech is sponsored by Hiretual.


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