Student Recruitment Trends with Jeanette Maister


Jeanette Maister is Managing Director - Americas at New York based WCN whose talent acquisition suite helps to improve the hiring process. Jeanette lives and breathes campus recruiting having spent almost her entire career as a practitioner...She began her journey in campus recruitment at Lehman Brothers in regional and later global leadership campus roles, where she first used WCN. She went on to work for IBM, Gartner, and finally as Global Chief Operating Officer of the Campus Recruiting function at Credit Suisse.

RecTech is sponsored by the ATS+CRM, Lever

RecTech is sponsored by the ATS+CRM, Lever


REPORT INTRO: “Students are more empowered than ever before to choose where they start their professional careers. Recruiters in turn are aware of this mounting competition, which is ramping up business pressures to recruit faster and be more agile. Having more year round campus presence and accelerated processes is becoming the norm. In The Must-Know Student Recruiting Trends for 2018, WCN partnered with employer branding thought leader, Universum, to investigate this trend further and to see how current recruiting insights can be improved upon by looking to engage and influence the best hires before competitors by devoting more time on focused value add activities.”

  • What are the origins of this report...What kind of data is this report based on?

  • How competitive is campus recruiting? What makes up a good campus recruiting program from top to bottom

  • The Career Fair...are these events still valuable?

  • What trends are you seeing in diversity campus recruiting?

  • If you had one piece of advice for campus recruiters based on this report what would it be? (biggest takeaways)

  • Give me one or two campus recruiting hacks that would improve a company’s company’s outreach efforts.

  • Any other best practices?

  • Looking back on your time at campuses is there one particular student that you remember recruiting that stood out and why.

  • Recruiting is getting more technical every year...what technology trends are you excited about these days.

Also sponsored by the recruiter's best friend, Hiretual!

Also sponsored by the recruiter's best friend, Hiretual!