Steve Browne Does HR With Purpose

Steve Browne is the executive director of HR for Cincinnati-based LaRosa's, a popular chain of Italian restaurants, and he's also the author of HR on Purpose, a SHRM bestseller that gives a different view of how to practice HR and enjoy it. Steve and I talk HR and recruiting in the restaurant world on the latest edition of RecTech!


Tools Used: ExactHire is their ATS

Links: LaRosa's Website, Steve on Twitter

QUOTABLE: Steve on the wage pressures facing retail/hospitality companies:

I think there are some real pressures, Chris, and some mythical pressures. The wage pressure thing has been something in our industry forever. We are entry level. We are a hospitality-oriented company. We don't expect you to be here forever. We know that we will have you for a period of time. When we do get you forever as a career, you've made a career choice, and that's wonderful, and we have incredible compared to a lot of our competitors. But we also know that I want to say 25 to 30 percent of our workforce will turn over regardless of what we do. So that's the nature of just that front end of, "Hey, I'm 16. I had my first job at a pizzeria," type thing.


  • What’s your ATS? Any other HR tech tools you use?

  • How do you view candidates for the restaurant industry? How can people view candidates as talent vs. people just filling holes?

  • What methods do you use to identify and source candidates? How does HR Tech help/hinder how you find people?...best source of hire?

  • You have multiple locations at LaRosa's, Inc. How to you ensure consistently in recruiting/interviewing/hiring/on-boarding across all of your locations?

  • Changes in retail operations...will you guys be automated tasks that will help you reduce your workforce at all?

  • You recently wrote a book that looks at HR from a more human-centric viewpoint. How is that being received?

  • What conferences are you going to this year?

  • What things do you see coming in regards to HR Tech/AI, etc. in the recruiting space?

  • What conferences are you going to this year?

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