New Ebook! The Essential HR Tech Marketing Guide

I've just put the finishing touches on my first ebook for HR Tech vendors and startups. In it I teach and inform you on how to market your product to HR professionals and recruiters. With more than 40 pages on content that cover everything from messaging to social media it's a must have for any startup or veteran marketer.

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Here's whats in it...

  1. Introduction
  2. Messaging - What HR Wants to Hear from Vendors
  3. When to Approach - Best times of day/week to make your pitch
  4. Tools, Tactics & Channels
  5. Content Marketing - what to create and how to do it
  6. Social Media - how to leverage these channels for free traffic and brand awareness
  7. Guest posting - my list of favorites sites to get published in
  8. Conferences - the blisg list of events to attend throughout the year
  9. Prospecting - tips for email/phone
  10. Webinars - best practices
  11. Advertising - where to advertise your message including my list of industry related sites
  12. Your Website - tips to maximize your own site
  13. Influencers - my list of the best industry pros to engage if you want help marketing your product