Graham Pionkowski is an HR Tech Enthusiast!


Today’s guest is Graham Pionkowski who’s spent the last decade in the world of corporate recruiting and helped a number of organizations uplevel their talent acquisition strategy, operations and technologies. Most recently he has served as the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Bazaarvoice, a hi-tech company based in Austin Texas.

Over the last few years he’s been leading all things recruiting including the TA strategy and operationalizing the day-to-day execution to bring top talent into the organization.

RecTech Tools Mentioned: Lever, iCiMS, Jopwell, Free Military Resume Builder, Textio, Teamable, Hacker Rank, Entelo, Next Wave Hire.


  • What are a few of the major shifts you’ve seen in the last couple of years in recruiting technology?
  • Challenges you’ve faced over the past few years leading recruiting in the highly competitive hi-tech market and maybe some of the the solutions you’ve implemented recently?
  • Major challenges you faced when implementing new recruiting technologies?
  • Advice do you have for entrepreneurs and startups looking to get the business of talent leaders?

  • Tools for Diversity and what's on his HRtech wishlist for 2018.


"That's really where the beauty of the internet and the social profiles, allows you to do a lot of research and come up with an intriguing way to get that person's attention....most likely top talent is being spammed from many different angles, and so the abilities for recruiters to really take a marketing perspective on how to get that person's attention and get that dialog is just crucial at this time."
"You've got to be agile as a recruiting function to handle the fluctuating hiring needs, the varying skill sets that are coming at you, the global footprint. You're constantly problem solving, but that's the fun part, right?"
"HR as a whole continues to struggle with being seen as both a cost center and an administrative function, that's just our reality. For most companies that get it, and those of us in the field, we understand the impact to our business results if talent acquisition is viewed as a strategic driver and worthy of investment. "