Hiretual's Ninh Tran Talks to RecTech


My guest today is from one of the most popular sourcing tools in use today by recruiters everywhere. Today we’ll learn more about its origins and get some good sourcing tips from their co-founder Ninh Tran. Recorded at HR Tech Las Vegas.

TOOLS: https://hiretual.com/

  • What is Hiretual? And how did it start
  • As a former recruiter I’d like to hear some of your sourcing tips - Slideshare and Facebook
  • What’s your best sourcing win while being a recruiter? Tell us that story..
  • What do you think of the recent moves by Linkedin to prevent 3rd party tools from accessing it? Why is Hiretual not in danger of being shutout?
  • Why do you think you have been so successful?
  • Future of sourcing? In 3 years what will sourcers be talking about…?
The RecTech podcast is sponsored by JobsInTheUS

The RecTech podcast is sponsored by JobsInTheUS