Mid Year RecTech Recap Show

In this weeks show I called upon George LaRocque (HRwins) and Martin Burns (HireClix) again to discuss the latest news and funding announcements in the world of recruiting technology. Listen in to hear our thoughts on Indeed’s recent moves, the amount of HR tech funding in 2018 and lost more discussion about the state of recruiting technology.

RecTech Insider for December

Here's your RecTech roundup, news from the past month in recruiting and HR technology circles. Lots of companies, old and new are making headlines.

What Employers Need to Know About Glassdoor

Christopher Kurtz is the Founder and Managing Director of PeerThru. PeerThru is an independent advisory founded by Christopher Kurtz that specializes in the four pillars of Employer Branding, Employee Assessments, and Leadership Development. He’s also a former employee of Glassdoor, the subject of today’s show.

1. Glassdoor appears to have become a right of passage for many job seekers while doing their research...your perspective...what kind of impact does Glassdoor have on today’s recruiting efforts.

2.  What is a common misperception(s) about Glassdoor?

3. When you work with a client, where do you begin? Or, where would you recommend a TA / HR leader begin?

4. Who should own the Glassdoor relationship?

5. What are some of the pitfalls that you see with TA / HR managers with regard to Glassdoor?

7. What is one of the questions you are most commonly asked in regard to Glassdoor and how do you respond?

6. What tip would you provide recruiters or hiring managers with regard to Glassdoor?

8. What is one of your favorite stories that came as a result of a Glassdoor review?

9. Are proactive empl telling their employees to go leave reviews?

10. What is your parting thought?

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November RecTech Insider

It's November 1st which means it's time for another edition of the RecTech Insider. Here's a look at what made news in the past month.


WhoIsHiring is a clever site that aggregates startup jobs around the world. The unique angle — a map that shows you exactly how many jobs are in a particular area. Full article.

SHRM Launches Diversity Jobs Sites for veterans, diversity and disability.  Three new specialty websites have launched within its online career center focused on creating an inclusive workforce launched with the help of Direct Employers. Full Article.

Glassdoor Releases "Know Your Worth" Beta salary tool. Do you know what you're worth in today's job market? Know Your Worth calculates your estimated value in today’s job market with the entry of a few personal characteristics - current job title, employer, current salary, location and years of relevant experience.  See it here.

GigBigWig: (startup) individuals will get the opportunity to become verified in the industry in which they plan to work. Companies will pay a fee for referrals, and job-seekers, after being screened, will be able to create a public profile to increase their digital visibility. Full article.

LocalX (startup): The majority of applicants on LaborX do not have college degrees, but are skilled in IT. LaborX features video resumes of these candidates. Based in Massachusetts. Full article.

Stack Overflow, the community site best known for providing answers for all of your random coding questions, also has a thriving jobs board and provides services to employers looking to hire developers. Today, the team is expanding the jobs side of its business with the launch of Developer Story, a new kind of resume that aims to free developers from the shackles of the traditional resume. Full article.

Facebook at Work is now Workplace, launches for all companies starting at $3 per user each month. Its the new intranet for employers. Full article.

LinkedIn debuts Open Candidate to help recruiters understand which candidates are ready to make a move. Full article.

Top HR Products of 2016 Announced at 19th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition - Human Resource Executive Announces Winners of Top HR Products of 2016 Awards: Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, recently announced the 10 winners of its Top HR Products of 2016 Awards, an annual award competition to uncover the best new HR products.  Read more here.

Gig is Another Tool for Free Lancers to Find a Job and Get Paid Quickly. The startup wants to Make It Easier for Millennials to Pick up Casual Work in Catering and Hospitality: Have we reached peak gig economy yet? Probably not, but when a startup calling itself Gig launches, we are definitely making headway. The London-based company offers a platform targeting millennials who want to pick up shift work in the hospitality and retail sectors. As well as enabling you to find and book work through the app, Gig’s headline feature is that once a shift is completed, workers automatically get paid within 24 hours. Read more here.


RecruitMilitary a job board and job fair provider has been acquired by staffing firm. Press Release.

Jobhuk, a recruitment marketplace based in NY has been acquired by Compunnel Software Group. Press release.


Industry a hospitality based job board raises 2 million in new funding. Full article.

HigherMe a new hiring startup, is announcing that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. It’s also brought on some big names as customers, including Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread — and most recently, fast food chain White Castle. Co-founder and CEO Rob Hunter (a past owner of multiple Marble Slab Creamery locations) has said that when employers hire hourly workers, location, availability and personality are often more important than past experience — but those things aren’t really reflected in a traditional résumé. Full article.

AnyPerk, a startup that helps companies like Salesforce and Virgin America offer their employees discounts on things like movie tickets or fitness classes, has received $11.5 million of new investment capital. Full article.

Restless Bandit, a new company from Goodman and his co-founders, is looking to give companies a way to easily find the best candidates that have already applied, rather than companies having to sift through those existing resumé piles with keywords and the like. Taking a similar approach to how LinkedIn scoured the Internet (and LinkedIn, of course) for new candidates, Restless Bandit finds the highest-potential candidates for roles with statistical modeling. The company said it has raised $8 million in a financing round from GGV Capital and Toba Capital, and it previously raised $2 million in a seed funding round. Full article.

Source{d}, a Spanish startup using AI to match developers to jobs, raises $6M. Full article.

Atipica raises 2 million to take the bias out of hiring. Article on USA Today.

RecTech Insider for June

Greeting RecTechies. Here is a roundup of whats happening inside the world of recruitment technology. 

  • SimplyHired Shutting Down. Links to various coverage across the web. [click here]
  • Glassdoor raises 40 million in new "Series H" round of funding. Company now valued at $1 billion. Thats a big number for the employer review site. But they're going to need it to take on the likes of Indeed.  [click here]
  • Take the Interview, the video interview platform based in NYC at TalentTech Labs announced last month they have secured $5 million in funding. [click here]
  • TechCrunch Disrupt 2016: 6 Startups Transforming the Career and Hiring Industry. I'm not sure why they are calling these transformative. Yuemey seems to be the most interesting of the six. [click here]
  • Recruit reported Indeed.com net sales jumped 60% to $696 million in the fiscal year. The company also owns job boards in Japan, including Rikunabi, a job board for new graduates. Investor Fred Wilson said in a blog post recently that they (indeed) is now vaued at 2-3X revenue which puts them around $2 billion. They were acquired for $1.4 billion.
  • Reflektive is a ‘How do I keep people engaged?' platform which just raised $13million in funding. [click here]
  • Humanyze, a people analytics technology company raises $4 million dollars in funding. Company based in Boston, funding by Romulus Capital. [click here]
  • Technical recruiting platform Triplebyte, which has raised $3 million in funding, just launched its engineer genome project to foster software-driven, intelligent job-matching. [click here]
  • It’s been just over a year since women’s job review startup Fairygodboss launched as an alternative to established career sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. In that time, the company has collected more than 22,000 reviews and tips about company culture and benefits submitted by women workers. [click here]
  • Blendoor a mobile app, hides a candidate’s name, age, employment history, criminal background, and even their photo, so employers can focus on qualifications. Interviewing.io—currently in private beta—is an interviewing platform that is taking the concept of anonymizing one step further. Even the voices are masked. [click here]
  • Après is a new job marketplace that is targeted toward moms who want to opt back into their careers. It will be a marketplace for both full- and part-time positions, consulting projects, maternity fill-in positions, and pro-bono opportunities across a wide range of industries. [click here]
  • TalentPool a matching system software has received $427k in seed funding. Its investors include Stephen Warrington and Kingsley Duffy. 
  • On-demand labor marketplace HireAthena officially launched out of stealth. HireAthena, which offers accounting, payroll and HR services, is a spinoff of BackOps and Scalus, and is backed by Sherpa Capital, Google Ventures, e.ventures, DCVC, Crunchfund and high-profile angel investors including Naval Ravikant, Max Levchin, and Mark Pincus. 
  • UpScored launches job-matching platform for applicants and employers. [click here]
  • Ratedly founder Joel Cheesman Interview on his new employer rating app. [click here]