Candidate ID

Nurturing Candidates through Content


My guest today is Adam Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Candidate.ID, the world's first talent pipeline platform. Previously he started the research and sourcing company Social Media Search, through a joint-venture with Norman Broadbent plc before undertaking a management buy-out in December 2016 and merging with Candidate.ID.

Adam has also worked in the Human Resource Services practice at PwC and in recruitment marketing with HAVAS. He works in London and in Glasgow, Scotland, where the Candidate.ID team is based.

I got the chance to meet Adam at last month’s Transatlantic event hosted by Talent Tech Labs in New York and invited him on the show to talk about their unique take on pipelining candidates with content.


1. Tell the listeners what Candidate ID is….what is a talent pipeline platform?

2. How has recruitment marketing changed?

3. The origins of the nurturing the candidate with specific content?

4. (4) stages of candidate decisions...explain...what content goes with what stage?

4a. How do you create that content? Any tips?

5. Who are some of your customers and what have they learned so far using your platform?

6. When did the company start and how big is your team?

7. Cost to use the platform?

8. What have you learned so far about how to market your product to employers...any tips you can share with other vendors in our space?

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