Johnny Campbell Says Embrace A.I. and Become a Super Recruiter

Johnny Campbell is the CEO & Co-Founder of SocialTalent a company that helps “Improve and Measure your Recruiter ROI". He stopped by #RecTech to talk about the recent findings of the 2017 Global Recruiting Survey. 


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The Global Recruiting Survey mentioned in this show can be seen in the presentation embedded below.

The Average Recruiter Funnel

• To hire 1 person, recruiters need to find approximately 225 potential profiles per search, of which they will only deem 28% relevant enough to contact about the role.

Becoming a Super-Recruiter!

1. Volume Sourcing and Recruitment Administration will be automated. If your job involves these tasks, you need to re-skill ASAP!

2. Being connected to everyone in your sector is not as important as knowing that sector inside out! Domain knowledge is the new differentiator in sourcing and recruiting!

3. There is no one place you will find the talent, you need to be multi-channel and be able to mix up where you search and research.

4. Communication is the most valuable skill of the super-recruiter. Become adept at listening and communicating and you will never be replaced by a robot!

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