Content Marketing Tips for #HRtech Vendors

The following is an excerpt from Chris Russell's new ebook on The Essential Marketing Guide for HR Tech Vendors and Startups.

Content Marketing tips:

  • Case studies are great. So are ‘deconstructing’ posts like this one from FirmPlay. They critique company career pages.

  • Use pictures. Get job related images from sites like Shutterstock, or if you have time, make your own. Every blog post should have an image. Subscribe to a stock image site so you can get great images.

  • Craft good attention getting headlines. (Google how to do that!)

  • Create a consistent schedule that you can stick to. In other words don’t burn yourself out. If you can’t publish every day shoot for 2-3 times a week.

  • Video - create your own [insert niche here] channel on Youtube. Anything you write about can be voiced within a video. A video channel is also great for SEO.

Where to get your content:

  • Pay for it. Hire recruiters or industry experts to write for you.

  • Invite readers to guest post. There are plenty of HR thought leaders out there who want more exposure. Have a submission form on your blog to attract them. My general rule is to get an article with at least 500 words of original content.

  • HARO – Stands for Help A Reporter Out. This site has a massive database of experts who will answer your query about any topic you can think of. I have used it many times in the past to get experts to comment on various job search and recruiting topics.

  • Upitch is another tool that connects media outlets and bloggers.

  • Facebook groups. Find groups in your niche, and pose your questions. Then use the answers as quotes in your post. I will detail my favorite Facebook recruiter groups later in this Ebook.

Content is just step 1. After you have published your content you then need to share it on social media to get traffic. In the ebook, I talk about where and how.

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