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Free Recruiting Tools, the Ultimate Webinar

Here’s the replay from one of our most popular webinars in our history. Nearly 100 people came and saw a great list of 26 free recruiting tools from 5 different fully functioning applicant tracking systems to other great free resources to find more talent.

Employer Branding Tools - The List

The world of employer branding is becoming an increasingly important part in the war for talent. Over the past few years many tools and services have emerged for this part of talent attraction. From video tools to review sites, maintaining and improving your company's reputation is easier with the players listed below.

PODCAST: How WorkHere is Changing the Mobile Job Search Landscape

The goal of the RecTech Podcast is to highlight innovative and interesting recruitment technology vendors along with trends shaping the world of online recruitment.

Mike Seidle is the Cofounder and COO of WorkHere a new mobile job search company based in Indiana. Mike is Past Director of Development at DirectEmployers and a former board member on the HR Open Standards Consortium.

Topics and questions from today's show include;

  • What is WorkHere and Why did you build it

  • Your app works in the browser and on mobile. What do users use more?

  • What is the difference in how people look for work between professionals and workers?

  • What makes WorkHere different than a traditional job board?

  • Describe the user experience for a seeker and employer?

  • What's the value proposition for recruiters and employers?

  • What have you learned so far about the building apps...any takeaways? How many iterations?

  • Funded? Whats Go to market strategy - rest of country?

  • Costs?

FirmPlay Wants to be your Employer Branding Tool of Choice

No one teaches HR people how to harness and craft their company's employer brand. Until now few tools have existed to help them spread their employer brand effectively. Enter FirmPlay, a new startup out of Boston.

RecTech Roundup for April 2016

RecTech Roundup for April 2016

Here's the headlines from the past month for the Recruitment Technology industry. Each month I publish a recap of new startups, mergers, acquisitions and other news shaping our industry.