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Steven Mostyn, MBA, is a leading expert and innovator in recruitment and sourcing. A bestselling author, he has written for ERE Media/Sourcecon, Recruiting Headlines, Lean Human Capital, HealthcareSource, HR.com/Talent Acquisition Excellence Essentials, and other forms of media. He is also frequently featured as a speaker at recruitment and sourcing seminars.

Check out his new book: Recruiting 101 : the Fundamentals of Being a Great Recruiter

With more than 16 years of experience recruiting and sourcing for some of North America’s largest companies (including Adventist Health System, Aon Hewitt, BP, BMO, IBM, Oracle, and Walmart), Steve has built successful recruiting and sourcing models in corporate, RPO, and agency . These effective models have spanned the financial services, technology, consulting, and health care industries. Steve currently works for Adventist Health System, where he manages a high-performance team of 20 sourcing specialists.

On today's show we'll talk about the sourcing team he built, his new book and get his recruiting and sourcing advice.


"The fundamentals are really lost today, especially with young recruiters...there's no engagement with the candidate..."

Steve can be reached via email: steven.mostyn@yahoo.com
and on social media:


The Rec Tech Podcast is Sponsored by Jobs2Careers

The Rec Tech Podcast is Sponsored by Jobs2Careers