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Audra Knight Discusses Recruitment Marketing

Welcome to RecTech, the recruiting technology show...where we talk about interesting new technologies related to recruiting and HR as well as asking recruiters how they use it to recruit and manage their talent. Today’s show is a recruiter edition. My name is Chris Russell, they call me the mad scientist of online recruiting, and I spend my day helping HR tech vendors on marketing, strategy and product development at RecTechMedia.com. I love helping connect candidates with employers through technology and that’s what this show is all about.

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Audra Knight is the Manager of Recruitment Operations at the global cybersecurity company Tenable. In this role, her team creates and supports Tenable’s talent acquisition strategy including process improvement and employment brand management. She is passionate about using marketing best practices and technology to attract talent that will excel at Tenable. Her side gigs include The #SocialRecruiting Show, industry blogging, team #HROS and being in a rock band. 


1 Day to day at Tenable.

2. How many employees? How may applications do you receive monthly?

3. Main hiring needs?

4. What has been your recruiting team’s biggest win so far this year? 

5. Where do you see recruitment marketing going? Content? What kinds...

6. Types of recruiting technology tools you use...

7. The Clinch apply process...is it working? View Tenable jobs

8. You got your job through twitter...tell us how?

9. Why do recruiters need to be better at personal marketing?

10. How do you suggest they start?

11. When it comes to vendors pitching you...what are they doing wrong? How should they approach people like you?

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