neuvoo's Michael O'Dell Talks to RecTech


An investment group in Canada, recently announced an equity investment of $53 million canadian dollars in Montreal based, neuvoo, one of the fastest growing employment websites in the world. Neuvoo just ranked 14th in Canadian Business magazine’s 2019 Growth Businesses which lists Canada’s fastest growing companies. This investment will enable neuvoo to continue its expansion into new markets, and allow it to further optimize its platform. The company says It expects to reach over 100 million visitors by January 2020.  

Joining me to discuss the new investment and future plans is their US VP of operations Michael O’Dell.


  • How long was this investment in the works?

  • Plans for the US? You are also opening a US headquarters?...tell us where and talk about your hiring plans….how to apply?

  • Here in the US you compete with a variety of players including Indeed and Zip which have massive brand awareness...how do you expect to compete?

  • Thoughts on Google for jobs… does neuvoo list their jobs in it?---did you see those EU job sites complaints? traffic?

  • What tools or features do you offer job seekers that others dont?

  • Our mission is to centralize all the jobs available on the web, whether they come from companies’ career websites, staffing agencies or job boards. Indeed is famous for kicking off job boards and staffing agencies...will neuvoo always play nice with all 3 of those constituents?