Cool Career Sites: Purple


The career site of Purple, a company that makes mattresses, pillows and other sleep accessories is a great example of cool career site that helps tell their story and paints a great picture for prospective candidates.

The EVP and header section really showcases the culture with fun images of employees at work. Their tagline: Feel Better About Where You Work

Is a great play on words that reflects what they do and why you should work there.

In the Life at Purple section they made a cool graphic that shows how they are different. It’s a great visual that also helps to brand themselves differently.

Though the jobs section is failry basic I do like its simplicity and easy to read job titles and departments. This no no-nonsense display makes it simple to understand. The blurb about company growth also helps to sell the company as a place you can grow with.

Finally the learn more section contains more funny employee pics and a link to learn more about their history for this company that only started in 2016

All in all its a cool company career site. Check it out at onpurple.com/careers