How I Recruit - Ben White From Titus Talent (audio)

As part of the RechTech podcast we will be interviewing recruiters in the trenches to get their thoughts on how they recruit and what technologies they use to be successful. As the first recruiter to appear on the show I'd like to introduce Ben White from Titus Talent

Ben White has seven years’ experience in talent acquisition. He has worked as a headhunter and a corporate recruiter for two fortune 500 companies. Today he is part of the recruitment process insourcing team at Titus Talent, a talent strategies firm with several offices throughout the midwest, New York and the UK.

Favorite Tools to Recruit: Google, Boolean and LinkedIn

  • What is recruitment process insourcing?

  • Typical day like?

  • Lets talk tech...you don't use an ATS? How do you keep track of candidates?

  • What other tools are part of your day to day recruiting?

  • Effective Inmail writing...whats your response rate?

  • Describe a typical Inmail...subject line, what do you say?

  • Phone sourcing tips

  • Engaging candidates who may otherwise pass on initial dialogue

  • Your last 3 placements...where did you find them online?

  • Advice for new recruiters?

The RecTech Podcast is sponsored by Jobs2Careers.

The RecTech Podcast is sponsored by Jobs2Careers.