HR Tech Interviews: Paradox & JobAdx

Listen to Paradox CEO Aaron Matos talk about his time spent in HR tech as well as where we are headed and list to JobAdx CEO Ami Chauhan as he details what he’s learned since starting a programmatic job advertising company.

HR Tech Interviews: Salary.com & PaddleHR

In our continuing coverage of the 2019 HR tech conference you will hear from Salary.com's CEO Kent Plunkett and the founder and CEO of a startup called PaddleHR. Special thanks to Workhere.com and Emissary.ai for their support of this podcast.

My Favorite Startup From HR Tech Conference: CuriousThing

HR Tech Expo Hall Coverage! CuriousThing is an AI based digital interview tool that I feel represents the future of HR Technology. I spoke with Zubin Fitter, head of Partnerships for this Australian based company and got his take on the tool and why its cool. 

Talent Relationship Marketing Discussion - Eleni Efstratiades from Siemens

I met today’s guest at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Philadelphia this summer. In her role at Siemens, Eleni Efstratiades helps propose solutions that enhance candidate experience through marketing and technology innovations. I asked her to come on and talk about her efforts around brand and marketing Siemens jobs.

A.I. in Recruiting with Scout's Ken Lazarus

Ken Lazarus is CEO of Scout Exchange. Scout is a platform for marketplace recruiting, providing a new way to connect employers with the best recruiters to fill jobs with great talent. Analyzing millions of data points from thousands of recruiters in its marketplace, Scout’s performance matching algorithms connect specialty search firm recruiters to marketplace jobs in their area of expertise. Today Ken and I will discuss the role of AI in the recruiting process.