The Essential Marketing Guide for HR Tech Vendors and Startups


The Essential Marketing Guide for HR Tech Vendors and Startups


Marketing your company to HR professionals and Recruiters is a daunting task. There have never been more vendors than there are right now who are all vying for the attention of the typical, harried HR executive. As a marketing executive or startup founder it is your job to seek them out and convince them to try/buy your product or service.

That however is easier said than done. The purpose of this guide is to give you a more realistic look at those challenges and offer practical solutions for you to succeed. It is based on my 17 years of experience marketing and selling into this vertical.

43 Pages (PDF)

Table of Contents


Messaging - What HR Wants to Hear from Vendors

When to Approach - Best times of day/week to make your pitch

Tools, Tactics & Channels

Content Marketing - what to create and how to do it

Social Media - how to leverage these channels for free traffic and brand awareness

Guest posting - my list of favorites sites to get published in

Conferences - the big list of events to attend throughout the year

Prospecting - tips for email/phone

Webinars - best practices

Advertising - where to advertise your message including my list of industry related sites

Your Website - tips to maximize your own site

Influencers - my list of the best industry pros to engage if you want help marketing your product

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