Instagram Recruiting Cheatsheet


Instagram Recruiting Cheatsheet


Why Use Instagram for Recruiting?

Well for starters it’s where the younger generation is. If you recruit entry level talent you want to be on Instagram. According recruitment software company Jobvite, 28% of job seekers 18-29 prefer Instagram to preview potential employers. It's their 'visual Glassdoor'.

So the number 1 reason to be on Instagram is for Employer Branding purposes. There are over 600 Instagram users worldwide and 70% follow a business from their account.

Millennials/Gen Z are using it to research potential employers and peek inside the company. So it’s in your firm’s best interest to show off your employees and office environment as much as possible. Instagram is a visual medium and it must be used that way. In fact you can only post images or video, text is only for describing your upload.

In this 12 page PDF Chris Russell details how you should be using the tool to brand your company and jobs. It includes lots of screenshots and specific tactics to optimize your Instagram account for recruiting. 

You will learn content tips, how to hashtag and even ways to source talent if you know how to look.

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