How to Properly Reject Candidates (podcast)


100th Episode of RecTech! Thanks for listening!

TOOLS MENTIONED: Rejobify, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey

Recruiters hate sending rejection emails and candidates hate getting them. It’s no wonder then that most companies don’t pay much attention to this important recruiting chore. But with a little thought and effort your company can easily improve the rejection process in order to change that dynamic.

By implementing a more refined workflow you can actually help turn those you can’t hire into allies while letting them down gently. The last thing you’ll want is for them to head to Glassdoor and leave a rant after you say No. In this episode Chris Russell gives his top tips for a proper rejection process

  • Always Send a Response

  • Time It Right

  • Be Honest, But Not Too Honest

  • Use Multiple Email Templates

  • Add Value to the Rejection

Give back. Help candidates continue their job search or improve their skills? Services like Rejobify have popped up in recent years to help employers offer access to a special job hunting course written by career coaches along with other free job search tools.

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